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Watch for our new line of Herbal Supplements Launching Now. Check back as new products will be regularly added. Blue Planet Pharma uses certified U.S. made vegan capsules; never uses any fillers or non-active ingredient material in our capsules. You get all active ingredients in our products, exactly what you are paying for. Our packaging and promotion is not fancy; we put all the value into our products. Our products are intended for use by adults only. Our sites are also simple to allow access by the blind and avoid accessibility issues.

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Blue-Cat ® -- Just Naturally Vegan ® Herbal Sleep Aid --

Herbal Technology Built on Science ®

Blue Cat Sleep Helper Logo ™ Blue-Cat ® as in Catnap or Catnip, is a just naturally vegan herbal sleep aid to help you get a good night's sleep and has Blue-Cat 90 Count Bottleadditional benefits of relaxation and important natural vitamins. We have taken the 5 best herbal sleep aids and combined them into a single capsule. A herbal sleep aid protects you from the harsh chemicals and unknown effects most sleep products are based upon. With Blue-Cat you fall smoothly and comfortably to sleep, even on an empty stomach. Our sleep aid allows you to wake up naturally. It might even help improve your mental well-being by sleeping better. By sleeping well you improve your immune system and you might even lose weight, assisted by the herbal supplements included in this capsule. You can actually find information about losing weight by sleeping properly. We aren't going to tell you it is significant weight loss, but every little bit helps. A balanced diet, not eating to excess and getting some regular exercise are the most important things in weight reduction. It is also best not to eat right before going to bed. 280 mg. capsules, 90 per bottle.

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WARNING: Blue-Cat should not be used by pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant as it can induce a miscarriage. Historically, catnip has been used to help people sleep and it may induce miscarriages. Cat's Claw Powder is historically used as a sleep aid and for birth control. Valerian Root is well known as a sleep aid and use by pregnant women is not recommended. We also recommend not using it if you are nursing. Magnolia Bark has been used for thousands of years to reduce oxidative stress. Lavender Flower Powder for relaxation is the final ingredient. Not for use by children.

Now Available.

Activated Charcoal made from Cocomuts Blue-Pure -- Just Naturally Vegan ® Activated Charcoal Digestion Protection--

BluePure Digestion Protection Bottle Blue-Pure, medical grade activated charcoal/carbon (made from coconuts) helps to reduce and calm stomach upsets. Activated charcoal's negatively charged, porous texture helps to trap foreign bacteria and virus in your stomach and digestion tract preventing your body from absording them. Reduces gas and bloating. Helps to fight diarrhea. Your gut health is critical for overall health. Activated charcoal is used to remove undigested chemicals, poisons and drugs, and likely helps to remove toxins from the liver. Often used in emergency rooms to treat drug overdoses since the 1800s. Toxins in the stomach bind to the activated charcoal. The body is unable to process charcoal so it is all expelled as waste, along with the toxins. Recommended for use rapidly after possible mucus membrane (mouth, nose, eyes) exposure and to help with diarrhea caused by COVID-19 or other stomach or intestinal issues. Also helps to quit smoking faster by purging toxins from your body. All vegan 280 mg. capsules. 30 Capsule Bottle.

Visit the BLUE PURE PAGE for detailed information and to order.

Blue-Endure -- ED Drug Booster --

There are herbal ingredients that have a Viagra effect, although with a much slower response. Only the active ingredients in Viagra or another ED (Erectile Dysfunction) drug will result in effects within 30-60 minutes. Blue-Endure is not per se an ED drug or ED supplement. It is instead a blend of herbal ingredients that enable Viagra and other ED drugs to work better and longer. It enhances their effects by increasing blood flow. It provides the body with increased energy and vigor. It also helps to overcome the effects of alcohol. It might help make extended erections and multiple orgasms increasingly possible. Considering the cost of some ED drugs that do not have generic versions, Blue-Endure allows you to get maximum use and enjoyment out of these expensive prescription drugs and at an attractive price. It is not recommended or safe to take more than the prescribed dose of any ED drug. In fact, taking two ED pills at the same time or within the window of effectiveness does not work and can be risky. It is far safer to use your prescribed ED drug in combination with Blue-Endure.

Blue-Fresh -- Just Naturally Vegan ® Intestinal Detox & Purge w/Important Nutrients--

This product is Just Naturally Vegan . This product does not contain any synthetic vitamins. The product is in capsule form and is taken by mouth. It is not a colon cleanse per se. Description and additional information will be available shortly. This product is currently under development.

Blue-Immune -- Immune System Active Boost--

You are not helpless against pathogens -- including COVID-19 -- should you happen to be exposed to any of them. Give your immune system a jolt by providing it with important vitamins (most vitamins are synthetic), amino acids and other building blocks for a strong immune system and healthy body. All vegan 500 mg. capsules. Better than your standard hard vitamins which often fail to fully dissolve. Capsule form gives your system a quick but long lasting boost. The best way to stay healthy and avoid being stricken by whatever bad bacteria or viruses are going around is to keep the micro-organisms living in your gut microbiome -- your gut immunity -- balanced and strong.

Blue-Blast -- Sperm Life Extender

Couples trying to become pregnant can benefit from our New Sperm Life Extender natural supplement product. Sperm counts and quality are way down in Western men according to recent scientific studies. Use our supplement to boost the life, vigor and quality of male sperm. Also great for increasing sperm volume and frequency.

New Products Regularly Released --

We are working on an expanded line of top quality herbal supplements and related products that will be available throughout 2022-2023. Our Founder Dan Frederick Schramm was unsatisfied with the selection of herbal products in the marketplace and very concerned about the unreliable, dishonest and often dangerous practices of so many of the companies in this space. He believes that fancy slick websites and promotion is a waste of money that can be better spent on the quality of the products and honest pricing. Thus, he decided to launch his own company to make safe quality products that he would use; and he does daily. Product names are working titles and are subject to change. Our Blue Planet Pharma Corp. DNA sequencing Aligent laboratory also allows us to determine the identity and quality of the herbal ingredients we are using together with any contaminants and those used by our competitors.

Our Promise and Guarantee --

Blue Planet Pharma supplements are for sale to and use by adults over the age of 18 only. Our service mark Just Naturally Vegan is our way of saying all-natural and wholly vegan, without the legal complications that the term "All Natural" can create. Use of this mark assures you that all product ingredients are wholly Plant Based. Ingredients are also Kosher Certified. However, we go much farther than any other herbal or dietary supplements company. We do not use our mark for products that contain synthetic vitamins (most vitamins in consumer products are synthetic) , minerals (that are not naturally mined or otherwise collected), beeswax, honey, stimulants or other chemical ingredients. Needless to say, we never use the mark for any product that has any animal (including insects), dairy or egg ingredient sources.

We use the term Pharma because we hope to manufacture pharmaceuticals and OTC (Over The Counter) drugs in the future and did not want to limit our name to just herbal or dietary supplements. We also plan a line of cannabis and CBD products in the near future under our Blue Planet Leaf trademark. We are producing our own line of personal sexual lubricants in the very near future. Our Founder Dan F. Schramm has many ideas. There is no point in limiting ourselves.

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